Sunday, July 24, 2016

BoJack Horseman Season 3 Review (No Spoilers)

I adore BoJack Horseman and Season 3 is fantastic.  It is one of my favorite TV shows right now.  It has fantastic, multi-dimensional characters and balances dark, dramatic storylines with quirky and hilarious jokes.

Season 3 at its core continues to explore happiness, how fleeting it is for the characters, and how they keep going through the same cycle over and over again, while also being extremely funny at the same time to balance out the darker moments.

My personal favorites of the season were: "Fish Out of Water" and "Brrap Brrap Pew Pew."  "Fish Out of Water" is an absolute delight and reminds us the power of cartoons as a storytelling device because I can't imagine live-action being able to tell a similar story in the same way.  "Fish Out of Water" is a very non-traditional BoJack episode in terms of storytelling and I applaud the show for branching out.  I hope they do another episode like this next season.  "Brrap Brrap Pew Pew" is fantastic due to its audacity.  Without revealing any spoilers, I've never seen any TV show actually *go there* though the topic does get discussed.  "Brrap Brrap Pew Pew" is bold and features one of the most hilarious, darkly humorous songs I've heard in a long time.  Honestly, though you really can't go wrong with any of the episodes this season.  All of them are great, and there were no fillers or weak episodes.

Season 3 starts just where Season 2 ended.  BoJack (Will Arnett) is on the Oscar campaign trail, Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris) is running her agency, Diane (Alison Brie) is working on her marriage to Mr. Peanutbutter (Paul F Tompkins) and trying to find meaning in her work as a social media coordinator, and Todd (Aaron Paul) and Mr. Peanutbutter have ongoing shenanigans as usual.

I like how this season had even more of a focus on the past for all of the characters.  I especially like the glimpses we get of BoJack/Princess Carolyn's past relationship.  They decide to firmly break up early on in Season 1 but we never really get to see what their relationship had been like.

There's a lot of feminist themes this season as well, especially an episode that actually GOES there.  I also appreciate that there are so many great female characters in this show and all of them are well defined three-dimensional characters.  This season, we have past characters who pop up like BoJack's TV daughter Sara Lynn (Kristen Schaal) and popstar Sextina Aquafina (Aisha Tyler).  We also get new characters like star publicist Ana Spanikopita (Angela Bassett) and playwright Jill Pill (Mara Wilson).  I was also tremendously excited that the two main female characters, Diane and Princess Carolyn, spend more time together this season as Diane takes a job at Princess Carolyn's new agency.  It seemed strange before that these two main characters do not really get to interact, though they both play such pivotal roles in the show.

There is less BoJack/Diane hanging out this season, the two of them have one of my favorite relationships on the show since they really get each other, but it's been great to see the show dig into BoJack and Princess Carolyn's relationship and BoJack and his past Horsin' Around cast.

BoJack Horseman is really a magical show, and I can't wait to see the next season, especially excited that they've already been renewed for another year!

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