Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Spoilers Below!!!

I just came back from The Dark Knight Rises.  Hearing about the recent news of the shooting at a TDKR premiere was rather chilling given some of the things that happened in the movie.  

The plot is kind of all over the place and the movie didn't really have any of those signature scenes Nolan is known for- those scenes that you jump to again and again when you see the movie again.  For The Dark Knight, it was the first spree of Joker killings and Batman and Joker's face-off in the police interrogation room.  For Inception, it's when Ariadne first meets Mal, the final series of kicks, and the ending.   For Batman Begins, it's that practice fight scene on the ice between Bruce and Henry Ducard.

There are plot holes that pulled you out of the Batman world like how did so few people not connect Bruce Wayne becoming a hermit and the disappearance of Batman.  The ultimate plan is also rather convoluted.  I wish they made us care about Miranda Tate more.  And why did they put Bruce in a pit (how did Bane and company have time to transport Bruce out of town?).
It's a mess of action scenes at some point (that serve some purpose to plot) and I wish they'd addressed the consequences of the Harvey Dent act.  Choas just breaks out and while cops are hunted...what about the cops makes it okay for them to round people up?  I wish they'd addressed that more and I miss how in TDK there were more ambiguous gray areas- even the super blatant prisoner's dilemma with two ships (one with prisoners, one with normal citizens).  

But that being said, I did enjoy the movie and left feeling very very pleased with it.  It's not going to reach the status of Batman Begins or Dark Knight Rises but it's a fine movie regardless.    

Hathaway as Selina Kyle was fabulous.  Alfred and Lucius Fox were all a pleasure to watch as well.  One of the things I missed in The Dark Knight was how it was more about Batman than Bruce Wayne and I'm glad we get to see plenty of Bruce in this one.  And in the end it's more about Bruce Wayne than Batman.  We are reminded again why Bruce Wayne is our hero - beneath the costume.  I also liked that we got to see Bruce and Alfred interact more (Alfred, oh Alfred).  As brief as it was, I also loved the Steven Crane aka Scarecrow cameo.    

I wanted to like John Blake more- I really did.  And I wish they'd made him the boy from the narrows Batman gives one of his gadgets to in the first movie (but the aging wouldn't have quite worked out).  He's a hot headed idealistic cop and while JGL does a good job (and is nice to look at :)) it's a character that we've seen many many times and there's not anything terribly new that Blake adds to the equation.  I wish there was also a more subtle reference to Robin- Tim Drake maybe would have been great.  

I wish there was more time spent on Gordon and the results from him telling the truth.  I think a lot of the movie is about telling the truth and also about Bruce's love life to an extent- Selina who's perfect for Batman and Miranda who's more suitable for Bruce Wayne but it didn't really come across well.  That being said, I did enjoy Kyle's chemistry with Wayne.        

I like where we end up.  I really like where we end up.  

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