Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Disney Kick


Prince Edward: [threatening Robert with his sword] Have you any last words before I dispatch you?
Robert: You have got to be kidding me!
Prince Edward: Strange words!

I absolutely adore this movie and think it's one of those things that can always cheer me up when I'm feeling down. It's saccharine and a lot more chick flicky than movies that I typically like, but somehow (probably the Disney magic) it works. Perhaps what makes it so entertaining to watch is seeing the worlds of the Disney characters clash with those in our world- cynicism and all the rest with hopelessly optimistic idealism. Love all the random Disney references- the fairy tale book in the beginning, "Part of your world" playing briefly by a fish tank, etc. Amy Addams is absolutely fantastic in this, and I think that's a huge part of why this movie works as well as it does and makes it mean a bit more than just a typical chick flick. It does make me a bit sad that Giselle doesn't really sing anymore at the end, but I have to say- absolutely loved what happens to Nathaniel. And the slow dancing scene- always swoon worthy especially when Patrick Dempsey sings for a tiny bit.


John Smith: Look, don't do this. Savage is just a word, uh, you know. A term for people who are uncivilized.
Pocahontas: Like me.
John Smith: Well, when I say uncivilized, what I mean is, is...
Pocahontas: What you mean is, "not like you."
I think that the movie could have worked a bit better had it been a bit less serious b/c Disney humor is quite good. A bit slow at times but the savages scene and finale are still pretty fantastic to rewatch. I do appreciate the fact that Pocahontas and the other characters in this movie are a lot more mature than other Disney characters. And maybe it's b/c they don't get their happily ever after, but I think that John Smith and Pocahontas might be one of my favorite Disney couples.

The Little Mermaid

What do they got? A lot of sand
We got a hot crustacean band
-Sebastian, Under the Sea
Little Mermaid has some a few fantastic moments- eg. when you see the underwater kingdom for the first time, Ariel on the rock with the waves crashing behind her, "Part of Your World"... And on that subject "Part of Your World" is perhaps one of my favorite Disney song ever- it's so lovely, so fun of longing. I almost wish the second half of the movie, when Ariel's on land, is a bit slower in the pacing b/c somehow the first part of the movie feels more a bit more memorable. Irregardless of that though, it's still a classic and Sebastian is endlessly entertaining- one of my favorite sidekicks.

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