Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Intro and Traffic

So a brief intro. Since I have a lot of free time this summer and will be watching a lot of movies and hopefully reading a lot of books, I'm going to be using this blog to review the stuff that I read/watch. (mostly keeping this to keep a personal record)

Today I watched Traffic from way back in 2000, which was really good. For the most part, I enjoy ensemble movies b/c it's always fun seeing characters and storylines intertwine. It's also good when the individual story lines themselves wouldn't have been as compelling like in Love Actually.

What I really liked about Traffic is the storytelling- the pacing is fabulous and it does a really good job seamlessly weaving all of the different stories together. It's also impressive that the director, Steven Soderbergh did so much of the filming himself. I also like that the movie really assumes the audience's intelligence; it throws a lot of information, a lot of characters, at you at once and is quite subtle and not preachy (like Crash...which was good but definitely overrated). I definitely think I need to rewatch the movie for the Mexico storyline b/c I don't think I quite caught all of it.

Favorite scenes:
-Del Toro "seducing" the assassin in the gay bar. It's a short scene but a really good/amusing/pretty hot one.
-Loved all the interactions b/n Chelade and his DEA partner and Ruiz, the witness they arrested/were protecting. I can't find the quote online but Ruiz and Cehlade's character have this conversation about how everything that the DEA does is really pointless in the long run b/c there will still always be people doing drugs so why should it matter that they catch a few drug runners since none of it matters.
-*spoilers* the bug planting scene
-When the "drug czar" finally finds his daughter

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